Saturday, December 5, 2009

Brazilian Wax Example STD's From Bikini/Brazilian Wax??

STD's from bikini/Brazilian wax?? - brazilian wax example

Well just want to know if this is possible. What I mean is it possible diseases or infections that survive in the wax former clients (with hot wax, for example). I am aware that there is nothing after the wax can be taken because the hair follicles are open and so on, but I want to know whether it is possible that (sexual or other infection) survive in wax (hot or cold) and then be transferred if the therapist, the wax on the skin. All tips, experiences and opinions appreciated.


PUREfect Your Skin said...

You use wax strips and fresh for each customer as a new 'spatula. It is not like the wax from the customer and then put the tapes in the wax can be reused. I would say it's another of them get an STD.

marebeer said...

I have personally done growing, but honestly never cathching of wax in my personal experience is one STD, I would like that when they are placed in a situation where hot and cold should be able to kill everything inside, but I am not a doctor, why do not you find this information in Google Enter your question and must be able to Helo.

beech7wo... said...

Most sexually transmitted organisms are sensitive to temperature fluctuations. When the wax melts, I would suggest that the bodies would be killed.

This is speculation, because I have no experience in the process nor the composition of the wax.

Only a former microbiologist

Boxerluv... said...

No, because the hot wax is used as a deadly bacteria and disease. like when you stick something in the dishwasher for the stearilize.

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