Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Star Wars Msn Wink New Star Wars News! How Cool Is This?

New Star Wars news! How cool is this? - star wars msn wink



Brelee C said...

Yes, said the series and the next installment of the animated Clone Wars, shortly after the publication of the third film.

It is so vague, now as then ....

But it scares me Geezer drunk when he says things like:

"Lucas did not reveal details, but joked that the series would be about" the life of robots. "

... This is the same man who JarJar Binks and the Ewoks, the love of God intended. I know GL is something to add for the kiddos, but Enuf already!

Willie 1005 said...

This is not really new Star Wars news. I knew it was coming months.

Always cool, I'll tell you.

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