Sunday, December 6, 2009

Kidney Stone Symptoms More Condition_symptoms What Are Kidney Stone Symptoms And At What Point Should I Go To ER?

What are kidney stone symptoms and at what point should I go to ER? - kidney stone symptoms more condition_symptoms


The extreme pain. Similar to the delivery. There is intense. And you can both kindey or bladder / urethra, so that the bottom front of the stomach

Nausea / vomiting

Pain and difficulty urinating. Blood in the urine.

Sometimes a fever, because it is impermanent.

You have to go to the emergency room if you can see the pain and / or manage symptoms.

But if you have a lot of aches and pains and worries that it would be a stone that happens then, I now go before the pain get out of control, and even more difficult in the top of the room is an emergency.

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Big Girls Dont Cry said...

Thats constant or throbbing pain in his back and / or groin, vomiting, pain trying to urinate can the pain come go.There "there is no way for you to know the size of the stone than to go to the emergency room may be given medication are, for the pain, until it is over, when the stone is large, it will explode easier.Go go now!

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