Wednesday, January 27, 2010

End Of The World Flash Cs4 Animation What Is The Transcript/text Of Famous "end Of The World" (ebaums) Flash Animation?

What is the transcript/text of famous "end of the world" (ebaums) Flash animation? - end of the world flash cs4 animation

Surely someone out there has transcribed the voice of the animation.


James B said...

Ok, then.
Here is the Earth. Chillin '. Damn say is that a sweet earth, you could be. ROUND.
Dispose of the melting of polar ice meteors hit each time we leave the ozone layer and the sun of the explosion, we will certainly make us explode.
H-OK, gots especially China France India Israel, Pakistan, Russia, the United Kingdom and the United States with nuclear weapons - we have about 2,600 more than any other person.
H "In any case, one day decides that the Chinese bastards, will open as a nuclear bomb in China.
While China is like "**** **** **** is that the shot we fired rockets oh well! "
Then France is like "**** guys are our fire rockets ****!", "But I'm tired." Well, take a nap .. then firing missiles! "
Meanwhile, Germany is there as a "second WTF?"
India, Israel and Pakistan to take the missiles out of their **** off and now we've gots to cut flying everywhere.
What Russia is concerned, "Oh Mother Earth!"
Then, as in England at this time, a chapter, huh?
... "Right O."
So now the U.S. is like "****' Re dumbasses "
Canada, as happened, "what, is not it?
Although Australia "WTF"
Mars is laughing at us and some huge meteor is like "well that ****.
So now we have the nuclear winter for every dead. "Concept from Australia.
And they are still like "WTF?"
but will die soon, ******* kangaroos.
But suppose that need not blow ourselves, California, United States, only about breaking California United States to spend time in Hawaii to care. Alaska can come too

The Avatar said...

I'm not sure I understand the question. I would like to help, but I'm too busy ....... palatable to be.

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