Sunday, January 31, 2010

Pigeon-toes Actresses Why Do People Always Insult Models And Actresses For Standing Pigeon Toed?

Why do people always insult models and actresses for standing Pigeon toed? - pigeon-toes actresses

Woodpigeon I am still so natural.

I always hear people make rude comments about the situation as if the wood pigeon always "unpurpose.

Is thought of someone that can help some people?


Pennylic... said...

Woodpigeon Camino can not help myself, but I know I am attractive and if people tease me about this I laugh and say "Shut your pretty.

So shut up cos its pretty Shaud. lol

Southern Girl :) said...

Never heard of people insulted, models and actresses for that.

People are immature. I do not see why they are worried, like another person. Do not listen at all. I'm pigeon-toed a bit, but every time someone makes fun of me can not hear a joke or easy.

Tia said...

Stop listening to their time. No Problem solved.

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