Saturday, January 23, 2010

Racing Swim Suits How To Correctly Fit A Women's Racing Swim Suit?

How to correctly fit a women's racing swim suit? - racing swim suits

My first year of swimming and I bought 2 Costumes. Both are too big. DRY FIT super tight. My costume is 8 / 34 I do not know what it means or how to get the right size?


JMiz said...

In fact, finding the ideal dress size is a matter of trial and error. I, and buy competitive swimmer in my team their clothes so tight you can not even touch the waist while lifting ears. I've mainly because if they Nylon / Lyrc demand, and to bear the long route begins in a few weeks in the water.

Even if your application is so important in the water, its not too tight when dry. Many new swimmers think their claims are "tight" ince are stricter than the way they usually used clothes, but later discovered that actually ended up too big. So, if I were you, I try to size [32, or even make 30].
Good luck and I hope you find your perfect outfit =]

iSwim said...

Well, I agree with the person above me. Definition of a swimsuit is a trial and error. The claim must be adjusted when you lift the strap, which does not extend over the ear. When I try to time it is dry, should be firm and not downwards. If it collapses, that is, it is too large.

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