Sunday, January 24, 2010

Mucus Relief Best Medication For Sinus And Chest Congestion/mucus Relief?

Best medication for sinus and chest congestion/mucus relief? - mucus relief

I need the best medicine to help my sinuses and chest congestion. Mucinex but I tried to do it, the turning point. Some days are better than others, but for the EVI, as last month was a little out of breath and excessive mucus in the chest. The nasal congestion is not really the point where I blow up the air.


Amanda S. said...

Albuterol is a decongestant. It is an extension of the bronchi. Is recommended only for bronchoconstriction, as in asthma. All the do is albuterol to relax the smooth muscles of the airways and not the source of the problem. The mucus is the problem. Sometimes the mucus in the airways is established, making noise like hiss. Seek out the best thing to do, a doctor, because they have tried prescription medications and have not worked, it is now time to see a doctor for something stronger. You may also need a course of antibiotics, not been able to eliminate this over a month. Best wishes!

Mike Allen said...

Simultaneous wheezing and sinus problems can see a failure of the mucociliary system. Both the nose and the lungs come equipped with an innate system of cleaning called mucociliary. This system of lava into the sinuses and lungs.
It has two types of cells: the vertices of the mucous secretion of mucus and cilia, which is based foster vibrates to the rhythm and harmony to push mucus as paddles into the water. This movement creates a continuous flow of mucus thrust, fast-flowing () at a rate six to seven millimeters per minute. The current continues all the way up stomach acid. This transfer of mucus case extends over almost everything in the air through the nose and lungs. The dust particles, pollen, and foreign invaders such as viruses and bacteria are trapped in the mucus-covered walls, much like flies on flypaper.
The production of mucus and constant action of the cilia sweep the form of the cleaning system.
This system can not by using a variety of reasons, including inadequate water intake, excessive oral antihistamines or oral administrationtives, the subject of a high level of dust or smoke, so I recommend you increase your water intake if you do not drink 7 or more glasses of water per day. May, so you must take certain preventive measures to the mucociliary system.
In short, the solution is not to be a doctor. I propose that the registration of the offered free courses in

Michelle said...

With or without albuterol nebulizer. Go see a doctor. Perhaps write what they or something like that.

richard t said...

Muscinex ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, works normally need to see a doctor for some antibiotics

richard t said...

Muscinex ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, works normally need to see a doctor for some antibiotics

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