Thursday, January 7, 2010

Mouth Sores Swollen Swollen Throat, Lots Of Canker Sores In Mouth, Sore Throat? WHAT COULD IT BE?? (10 PTS.)?

Swollen throat, lots of canker sores in mouth, sore throat? WHAT COULD IT BE?? (10 PTS.)? - mouth sores swollen

So in the last 5 days I would say ... My throat was swollen and the feeling, now I have 4 ulcers in the mouth. 2 in my tongue and 2 and the inside of the lips and my mouth. My throat is still not really hurt and now begins to have pain. There are no white spots. No fever. Just a bit red and I think it is a bit of trouble there. I also have headaches and dizziness, also. In fact, just started new birth control on at the same time began, this can happen. Could do something with it?

Any idea what might that be? My plan is to go to the doctor on Friday so that it can do no better.

Thank you!


Me<3 said...

Try to eat chips or crackers.

Caleb the Hoernschemeyer said...

Herpes honestly not bad or evil, but could seriously herpes, have it checked

BeastMod... said...

stop your uncle at the forefront of many

Steven said...

probably a bacterium, which were outside the country or places that are not normally?

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