Saturday, February 20, 2010

How To Make An Effective Concert Poster How Can I Make An Effective Concert Poster Using Paint And Powerpoint?

How can I make an effective concert poster using paint and powerpoint? - how to make an effective concert poster

I started a night of open mic in a fairly large university town and the need for flyers that are good enough to attract their attention, but it cost me a lot. Does anybody know where to find good art or templates, to fly it?


Andy said...


Colorset24 the proposal, the word is correct. There are many good templates available on the Microsoft website, here is the link: ...

They have many styles to choose, you have to reach by all. Two of my favorites: ... ...

Good luck with the open mic!
MSFT Team Outreach Office

colorset... said...

Short answer, do not use Powerpoint and color make on concert posters. If you go simply by the word. They have some models that are decent. Moreover, if something needs to be conducted at regular intervals to find someone with knowledge of Photoshop or PageMaker. This makes things much easier in the long run.

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