Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Women Can Lift And Carry Me I Am Do U Think Women Can Lift And Carry Men? I Don’t Think So. I Am 55 Kg And No Woman Could Ever Lift Me?

Do U think women can lift and carry men? I don't think so. I am 55 kg and no woman could ever lift me? - women can lift and carry me i am

I have two words for you ...

Tang Gonghong


In The Pines said...

There are many women 60 kg.

The mom said...

It hangs up on the size of the woman and her physical condition and size of the man, do not you think? And while most women are not strong upper body to meet you, a professional weightlifter can hardly. But why would on earth? Forces working in pairs, just because there are people who are heavy. Everything you want to help some of them, do not look good for a hernia too. But what if a single woman can not? You will receive no reward.

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