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Psychology Home Care Summer Day Care Center?

Summer day care center? - psychology home care

I am a student finishes studying psychology (child development), and my first year. I am currently working as a secretary earns $ 400 per week, but I was thinking of something else this summer. It seems that need as many friends and family babysitter. If only everyone that I work with me to their children that can give up any work, I take care of children and I can stay at home with my newborn niece. Should I load it, I think, if I have 5 children, I charge $ 80 per week per child. I feel bad, because although it seems expensive, especially for families with 3 children. Is this a good market for good child care? I live in Long Iceland, New York, btw.
I guess my question is, you have a clinic day in my house in summer is a good idea? Do you think that $ 80 per week is a good price for children?


Lucii said...

I think it's great. must also consider whether your child is going to feed thats cost money. including toys and activities. that costs too. and make sure everyone can tolerate these children, but to do good fortune and secure instant messaging with friends and family that tries apprechiate.

barbaral... said...

If it is to remain a chance for children in households with lots of love better than the day he is about insurance.

However, there is consider things that you should. You need to do some preparations in children. Your home must be child resistant. Chemicals to reach out in any case. Locked cabinet. Plugged into an outlet. Stairs and inland areas such as security. The court is fully included? If it is parked near a park or water? You need the team to somewhere in the vicinity.

Sorry, I have no idea what manages the nursery today.

You should also consider, not the children pack their own lunch or feed you? You need to be responsible for a snack is, of course, biscuits, cheese, peanut butter, fruit juice, apples, etc.

If you're not toys that you need to keep an eye on that too. The toys are not cheap, even second hand. Creative things. Plastilina is easy and inexpensive to make. I promise to feel that $ 80 per week.

Maybe with 5 families they can take a break ifare just normal people, without much spare.Call local nursery and ask them whether they have a special treatment, and notes. I have also realized, must keep "time out" have room, and bedroom, their siesta.

I would say it is a very good price for Canadian standards. To a child in a home is desirable to have, but as a nursery. The man is tired!

Good luck.

VAgirl said...

I think not. Going in a field or working as an assistant to the center. Children (especially younger) need a stable supply, long term, as a student who is there only for a few months and then disappeared, families adjust to a different provider and children a new setting. Remember, a few days care waiting list is a year to find a new place where they can leave the current provisions in the summer to be difficult. You might think it's clear the parents that is the short-term, can expect to stay there and not have to prepare and have no desire to fall, leading to resentment.

And I do not wear business offering food and diapers. Who is on board, materials, art, travel, etc. What policies for sick children, vacation, do not have time to pick up. What are state and local regulations. Do you have a clean and healthy garden for children to play in, "Are you CPR and First Aid certificates. Did you check the information relating to taxes for the parents can deduct the payments, and if you do not comply This with the IRS. I would say that in your area you can easily spend $ 150 per week per child and no discount for children (most places) are more or get a discount of 10% of the children. What is their discipline policy.

It is more than just a job for the summer entertaining easy. Do you really think. If you are inside, not just say, the families and children "does not expect that to happen, and it will not be effective today." These people rely on you to monitor and a high degree of care in the face of biting fight to ensure discover blows, a whole stomach, and new things to observe their thoughts to grow good and bad. Be realistic. People rely on to kindergarten, so they can work and support of family, which is an important obligation for you to play.

Kari K said...

Respect for the law. With a number of children that you might licince around one operating system. Also wear your hm w all the children run and eat with the meals and snacks .. If you have 5 and make sure you have a backup plan if you are going to be sick or a child who wound somesort and has immediate needs you to the Dr. or emergency room. What do you do with other children? You take care of them, these parents are embarrassed when you are not in the custody of another person when that happens. Will also read about money and one of the parents and decide they do not work for them, what you do. especially the family with 3 children is 124 to BT gone.There vary. I know you want to spend time with his niece and his brother a favor. It's really sweet. Did you work the summer camps and gain experience working with children? $ 80 per week is to steal a. Personally, I do not think it's that goodwhat to do. Even a baby a lot of attention in a position to make sure to recommend her and the children where appropriate, that take Geting wrap breast Roma, to his niece, so he can get your hands free to look here for other children. The D├ęcion I hope you really helped me to give an overview of the topic.

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