Friday, February 19, 2010

Motion Sensor Switch Two Black Two White 1 Red 1 Black Installing A 3 Way Motion Sensor Switch Trav = Traveler Thanks In Advance?

Installing a 3 way motion sensor switch Trav = traveler Thanks in advance? - motion sensor switch two black two white 1 red 1 black

Hello I have a basement with a 3-way switch on the switch above (1) and a switch on the bottom (switch 2). I wanted to change the switch-2 switch with a motion sensor, because we are going so bad, the lights in the basement, but I had some problems. In return, I have a Black shall be "Hot Line" too connected to) through to (including red, Trav B (white) on the opposite side.

(Red in contrast to the two I care (Black) A Trav) and Trav B (white).
Step 3: [1-2 on a power failure at the table and determine Travis)
The part of the record I think I'm screwed,
"Replace the cable from the common terminal and a terminal switch with short bridges. [A piece of yellow wire containing small] Connect the two bridges," Ho-Linet "and" to "cable connector. Clockwise screw jack."
The next step is now to foward
4. Read the Connect the red (on the switch again) to the load (switch black 2) to black (on the switch again), Trav yellow B (on the switch again)

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michael o said...

U need a special switch to do this .. a part of the periodic motion will not work. sorry.

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